Monday, May 30, 2011

Mountain Hunt Finds

Every Memorial and Labor Day weekend, the local San Bernardino Mountain communites have yard sales everywhere. We drive up the mtn, then just follow the signs. It is quite an adventure and we always find more than what was on our "wish list". This trip, we crossed off more than half our wish list. I think that is a record.
 These frames were in a forgotten box off the side of a table. The owner said she forgot to unpack them and seemed unconcerned about price. So when I held them up, she said a quarter each. SOLD!

 But what had caught my attention in the first place... this beautiful gold oval. 1 QUARTER?!! SOLD!!! I have an idea already. Stay tuned!

 This basket was found at an actual flea market shop that was trying to cash in on the tourists on the mountain. Most of their prices were not exactly yard sale prices, but I liked looking anyway. When I saw this basket and the price, I grabbed it. Yes, I am a basket junkie! No idea what I will use it for, but cant pass that up. No siree!!!
 On the wish list, was some sort of trellis, or something that I could make into a trellis. It was fresh on my mind after discovering our Mystery guest. So when I found this piece of wrought iron, I couldnt get hubby to stop the car fast enough. There was no one tending the sale. After a few minutes of drooling over this, a little boy came out and asked "Do you need some help?" Ummm, yes, (as casual as I could be), how much for that? He went into the house to ask someone and came out and said $2. SOLD!!! Couldnt get the $2 out of my hubby's hands fast enough. Quick, get away before the parents come out! As we drove away, my mind was going crazy with idea's. And my hubby was thinking of another solution to the "fence fighting" problem.

Also on the list, were some sort of pillow that I can make a new cover for, and place on the FREE wicker chair set. I found one of these in a pile of clothes. I was telling my husband how sad I was that there was only one, when POOF, another appeared! Stay calm, Stay calm.... (see the Ross tag.. $6.49 each?). The wife was not around, so I asked the husband "how much?". He was hmmming and haawwing (is that how you type that?). As he was doing this, I pointed out a stain on one of the cushions. so he said "how about a quarter each?" SOLD!!! Even my hubby was excited! Now I hope my left over material is enough to cover these to match the patio set!

I have been looking for a shutter for awhile, for a cool Christmas card holder idea I got from Funky Junk Interiors. I have saved the picture forever, but lost the original blog... Sorry. But it was SOLD to me for $1!

Hubby found work T-shirts and jean shorts for 25cents each. His BEST BEST find a framing nail gun and skill saw, both for $55 total. He was one happy man!
Stay tuned....

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looks great from mom

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Great finds!!!