Saturday, May 15, 2010


Hi, my name is Mindy
I have TOO MANY passions.
I love to craft, anything that I can use a glue stick on.
I love to sew. I am only a beginner, but I look at everything and think I can make it. I learn the hard way.
I love to read. Give me a good relational novel and I will disappear from the face of this earth. Mindy who?
I love my Lord Jesus. Give me a few minutes and I will tell you what He did with my life and the hope that is forever mine!
I love my Husband, Scott. We found and married each other late in life (age 38). He is my hero and protector.
I love my baby girl, Sasha. Don't be mistaken, Sasha is a dog, but she has wrapped around our hearts and filled any voids left by not having any children of our own.
I love my life! It has it's ups and downs, but I would not exchange it for anything. God is good!


My addiction won out. I went to Joann's to buy a paper mache later (more on that later). I tried to not stop by the paper. I tried and I tried. I even passed by the first time. The back pass was what got me. I looked away, but it was like someone was turning my head. I touched one, thumbed through it, then said "NO!" out loud! Then as I was walking away, out of the deepest corner of my eye I saw a bright yellow sign announcing 70% OFF!!!. NOW, I looked. And there, the heavens opened and I saw a HUGE paper stack with a RED STICKER. It said $8.97! Can you believe it? $8.97!!! Oh, now how can I resist a bigger than normal paper stack for $1.00 less than the sale price? I gave in. All the way to the register, my heart was racing. My pulse quick. Can I unload it before the register? Will I feel guilty if I buy it. Oh no, there is only one person in line. Not long enough to talk myself out of it like I did last time (good girl that I was). While I am waiting in line, I see an ad for a Cardmaking class. Oh, I could make those cards with this new paper? But how will I remember the design? Well, taking the class would be fun, AND I would make 5 cards. The class is only $20, not bad. But wait, 5 cards for $20? That would be $4 a card. Oh NO!!!! That is not RIGHT!!! I cannot save $1.00 on this stack of paper and then turn around and spend $4 a card, just to learn how to use my paper? I THINK NOT!! So now, I have wasted my time in line thinking aobut a class, when I should have talked myself out of this stack of paper. But wait, I just realized I can make BUNCHES AND BUNCHES of cards out of this stack of paper. So really, I have now saved $21!!! Right? Right! I admit, I still had a little guilt as I walked out of the store with my new stack. When I get home and search up a picture of the paper stack I bought (too lazy to pull out camera) to show you, I see it is advertised on-line for $19.99! Wow, so join me in agreement. I saved $31.02 now? Ok, I hear the angels singing and God nodding "Yes, my child, you may keep the paper". Whew.... another night I will not lose in guilt?
Share with me. Does anyone else out there have this addiction?