Friday, March 18, 2011

Date night

WOW-- Can you tell who painted what?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Creative Birthday Party

Thank you everyone for coming out in the rain and fellowshipping together. What fun to be with all my sisters, in our comfy PJ's.
Wow, Look at all the cupcakes. I cant beleive there were any left. Scott enjoyed them girls!
Elizabeth, what is that you are painting there? It matches your phone?

Diane and Kathy look very focused on their project.

Did the mugs eat Me and Marilyn's hands?

Juliann and Val met for the first time tonite. They both wore their sock monkey feeties.

Juliann's are connected to her PJ's. Can you see Val's toes?

I love the hat, Juliann! Scott says it is ME!

Kristin created a special plate for her family to eat on when they deserve a "special day". Is this fitting for her?

Kathy loved the idea of pretty colors on her cupcake box. It looks delicious enough to EAT!

Marilyn... you will be bouncing off walls if you drink this WHOLE cup of coffee!

Elizabeth, now what exactly are you going to use these for?

Dred-- BBBBEEAAUUUTTTFFULLL! I can already see the girls fighting over this antique in 60 years! Glad I wont be around. Better make Samual the executor of THAT will!

Diane, I cant wait to see your next batch of deviled eggs. They will be so pretty on this plate and the pretty swirled filling from your PAMPERED CHEF EASY ACCENT DECORATOR!

(I know... cheap plug for my business...HAH!)

Got to drink my coffee with my new mug this morning. The colors match the house perfectly! Cant wait to go back and make a princess one now!

Val, what pretty flowers will you grow in this? I think it would be a perfect bowl to make the that yummy mud pie creation. just leave out the wormies! YUCK!

Thank you everyone for coming out in the rain and sharing a special night together. Scott and I went back last night, and he is now painting a TOW-MATER bank. We need to go back next week to finish. $1 on Friday's in March... dont have to wear PJ's. It will become our date night.

Love you-- Mindy