Saturday, November 13, 2010


DH went away on a men's retreat last weekend. Crafty Mac-y got busy. I pulled out all the wicker (which, by the way, our patio is starting to look like a horder) and put it in the grass and spray painted it brown (side note... be prepared for the looks your going to get when you go in to a store and buy 5 cans of spray paint!). The brown paint was almost identical to the original painted color. As I turned over, I realized the wicker was originally white, and so agreed with the previous owners about leaving it white and unpainted... it doesnt show when sitting upright.
There was a possiblity of rain that night, so instead of dragging all the wicker back over the fence back to the patio, I set it all inside the spa gazeebo, hoping it would be safe from any rain. Fortunatly, the rain never came. And to my pleasant surprise, DH noticed the newly painted wicker soon after he arrived home. A+ for observance!
Last week I found a discount home deocor fabric store and browsed their selection. I guess it isnt only printed paper that I am addicted to. I felt like a kid in a candy store. Ok, just one fabric, missy! I bought this fabric for $2 a yard! Can you beleive it? Enough fabric to make ALL the cushions, cost $6! Granted, it is not outdoor material, but I will risk washing it and having to get more for THAT price! Today I sat down and sewed a long cover for the bench chair. I used a body pillow cover for the pattern and then filled it with two standard pillows (which I also received FREE from a previous organizing job!). What do you think of the finished look?
Im pretty excited about it. It is not professional, but it still looks nice enough to sit on a front porch. Not bad for $6!!