Saturday, November 13, 2010


DH went away on a men's retreat last weekend. Crafty Mac-y got busy. I pulled out all the wicker (which, by the way, our patio is starting to look like a horder) and put it in the grass and spray painted it brown (side note... be prepared for the looks your going to get when you go in to a store and buy 5 cans of spray paint!). The brown paint was almost identical to the original painted color. As I turned over, I realized the wicker was originally white, and so agreed with the previous owners about leaving it white and unpainted... it doesnt show when sitting upright.
There was a possiblity of rain that night, so instead of dragging all the wicker back over the fence back to the patio, I set it all inside the spa gazeebo, hoping it would be safe from any rain. Fortunatly, the rain never came. And to my pleasant surprise, DH noticed the newly painted wicker soon after he arrived home. A+ for observance!
Last week I found a discount home deocor fabric store and browsed their selection. I guess it isnt only printed paper that I am addicted to. I felt like a kid in a candy store. Ok, just one fabric, missy! I bought this fabric for $2 a yard! Can you beleive it? Enough fabric to make ALL the cushions, cost $6! Granted, it is not outdoor material, but I will risk washing it and having to get more for THAT price! Today I sat down and sewed a long cover for the bench chair. I used a body pillow cover for the pattern and then filled it with two standard pillows (which I also received FREE from a previous organizing job!). What do you think of the finished look?
Im pretty excited about it. It is not professional, but it still looks nice enough to sit on a front porch. Not bad for $6!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010


I have to share the funny story first. One day while driving along the freeway, I spot a beautiful wicker patio chair off to the side. Look like it had fallen off a vehicle. So I shout to my Dear Hubby (DH) "DID YOU SEE THAT!". "What?" (as he hits his brakes due to my shouting, scaring him, and almost starting another conversation about my "reactions" when he drives... but that is a different story). I tell him to get off the freeway, and then start sharing what I just saw. He thinks I am joking, as I continue to shout..."GET OFF THE FREEWAY". So, being a DH, he listens and exits the freeway and we drive back along the surface road that we had just passed. As we pass the chair, I point it out. He says "Are you kidding?!" "NO, lets check it out". He laughes, but again, follows my suggestion. We re-enter the freeway, then pull off to the side. He safely exits the vehicle and brings the chair to my side for my inspection. It looks brand new, of course with a little road rash and some mis-alignment, probably due to the fall off the truck. I see her beauty! (Are you surprised?!) "Put it in the back. I just know you can re-align it somehow. It's free, how can we pass it up". My DH is shocked. "Your kidding, right?" "Nope, put it in the back." So he does. Then the rest of the drive looked for some road kill for me to dine on. Our "FREEWAY FIND" has sat on the front porch for the past 3 years now, and no, it was never fixed enough to sit straight (darn strong wrought iron- I say!), but it works well to sit on and rock and read the mail or just enjoy the warmth of the sun, on a chilly day. Even DH sits on it to take off his dirty boots and (no laughing here...) to clip his toe nails.
Since then, it has been a running joke, if I see something along the freeway, or hear about something stopping traffic on the news, I will call DH and tell him he must go pick it up. That just gets me laughter of course.

Well, I have trained him well. Today I get a passionate call from him. "Hey, I am at this job, and the neighbors have some FREE wicker on their driveway"
ME: "Free? Really? What color and shape?"
DH: "Yes, totally FREE! Giving it away! Painted brown, good shape, for the yard"
ME: "Load it up!"

So here is our next great find:

It was white and someone painted it brown. Needs a little TLC, and some nice pretty cushions, but looks like it will work well in that OUTSIDE ROOM, I am begging DH for! Next step, start thinking of making some pretty cushions for it.
Welcome to your new home ladies!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I created a Roman Shade for the kitchen window. I got tired of staring at the top of the awning while doing dishes, so this narrows the view to the back yard and patio. Much nicer.

After trying a reed type shade, I discovered our window is one inch too short for the ready made shades. I definatly didnt want to splurge for custom made, so I decided to surf the net to see what I could find. I found these instructions and couldnt wait to get started.

Here is the final outcome! I am excited!

Cost: $6.49 for material, $1.49 for bobbins used for pullys, $2.27 for cord. Lining FREE (from aunt's donation), $2.36 for dowels. $1.49 for lift rings (enough left over for 2 more shades)
Total Cost: $15.00 (cheaper than store bought!)
Thrill of acheivement? PRICELESS!
Good thing I didnt see this CHILI PEPPER Shade first, or I would really have bitten off more than I could chew. But I LOVE it!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


One of my volunteer hats that I wear is helping bring in more donations to a local resource center for the needy. When they receive donations that have a possible value to resell, I list them on Craigslist and the proceeds go to help pay bills at the all volunteer center.
A piece of furniture came in and I was directed to it, asking if I thought it was worth listing. I fell in love this "weeping beauty", what potential. So we brought it inside took pictures and prepared to list it to sell as a fixer upper. After describing to to my mom, she said it was called a Hoosier, and we went and looked them up, and I was amazed. This gal is a "Pretty Lady" in tatters. My heart broke. I know there is someone out there to love her, so I listed her as such. We got a couple calls of inquiry, but no one came to look at her. When I stopped in to visit her yesterday, she had been placed back outside in the back lot, I wanted to cry. This morning when I woke to sprinkles and threat of rain, I just knew we had to save her. So my hubby saw the sadness and agreed to take on the project and hone his woodworking skills.
We have rescued the PRETTY LADY and she is now safe in our garage, awaiting her transformation back to beauty. This is a first for us. so keep prayers out for her. Hopefully she will guide us along the way.

Stay tuned for the transformation!
To be Continued

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Hi, my name is Mindy
I have TOO MANY passions.
I love to craft, anything that I can use a glue stick on.
I love to sew. I am only a beginner, but I look at everything and think I can make it. I learn the hard way.
I love to read. Give me a good relational novel and I will disappear from the face of this earth. Mindy who?
I love my Lord Jesus. Give me a few minutes and I will tell you what He did with my life and the hope that is forever mine!
I love my Husband, Scott. We found and married each other late in life (age 38). He is my hero and protector.
I love my baby girl, Sasha. Don't be mistaken, Sasha is a dog, but she has wrapped around our hearts and filled any voids left by not having any children of our own.
I love my life! It has it's ups and downs, but I would not exchange it for anything. God is good!


My addiction won out. I went to Joann's to buy a paper mache later (more on that later). I tried to not stop by the paper. I tried and I tried. I even passed by the first time. The back pass was what got me. I looked away, but it was like someone was turning my head. I touched one, thumbed through it, then said "NO!" out loud! Then as I was walking away, out of the deepest corner of my eye I saw a bright yellow sign announcing 70% OFF!!!. NOW, I looked. And there, the heavens opened and I saw a HUGE paper stack with a RED STICKER. It said $8.97! Can you believe it? $8.97!!! Oh, now how can I resist a bigger than normal paper stack for $1.00 less than the sale price? I gave in. All the way to the register, my heart was racing. My pulse quick. Can I unload it before the register? Will I feel guilty if I buy it. Oh no, there is only one person in line. Not long enough to talk myself out of it like I did last time (good girl that I was). While I am waiting in line, I see an ad for a Cardmaking class. Oh, I could make those cards with this new paper? But how will I remember the design? Well, taking the class would be fun, AND I would make 5 cards. The class is only $20, not bad. But wait, 5 cards for $20? That would be $4 a card. Oh NO!!!! That is not RIGHT!!! I cannot save $1.00 on this stack of paper and then turn around and spend $4 a card, just to learn how to use my paper? I THINK NOT!! So now, I have wasted my time in line thinking aobut a class, when I should have talked myself out of this stack of paper. But wait, I just realized I can make BUNCHES AND BUNCHES of cards out of this stack of paper. So really, I have now saved $21!!! Right? Right! I admit, I still had a little guilt as I walked out of the store with my new stack. When I get home and search up a picture of the paper stack I bought (too lazy to pull out camera) to show you, I see it is advertised on-line for $19.99! Wow, so join me in agreement. I saved $31.02 now? Ok, I hear the angels singing and God nodding "Yes, my child, you may keep the paper". Whew.... another night I will not lose in guilt?
Share with me. Does anyone else out there have this addiction?