Saturday, August 3, 2013

Crown and Patio Updates

After sharing my dream with a friend and my great finds, she realized she had a frame that sounded perfect, that she was not using. So she gave it to me. It was PERFECT!

 It was gold with a greenish gilded trim and I spray painted it black gloss.

 This is the "almost" finished dream. Last thing to do, is an a bible verse under the crowns & cross.

After being content with the white hand me down chairs and new seat covers...

We were just handed down a nicer chair, powder coated chairs, that sit higher and even include 2 chairs that swivel and rock. YAHOO! Not bad for all FREE! (Well, not so free, as my hubby busted out his back window delivering the table to a friend, so the final cost to replace the window is $120 -UGH!)
 Oh yes, and the last NEW update on these photo's is our
new guy - Monte Cristo