Wednesday, September 3, 2014

And Then There Was Light!

Because of the large beautiful trees along our street, at night it sometimes can be hard to find our driveway, even to us, the owners- HAH! There is a light post just past the property line, however a huge tree hangs down and blocks most of the light. Our front porch has a light that is motion detected, so it does not go on unless you walk by it, or pull INTO the driveway. I have always wanted to put a lampost on the corner of the front yard, but too frugal to do electrical work to get it out there. I was excited when I discovered up-cycled solar light projects on Pinterest. This was my inspiration:

I went to the thrift store looking for a cheap ugly chandelier, and discovered this fun little candle holder. It was silver metal, not too pretty, but I saw hope.

I spray painted it black... 

 Found some old PVC in hubby's stash, spray painted it black and hubby cut down to the height I wanted

Decapitated solar lights I purchased at the $1 store

Cut the base off the candle holder and put through a washer, using gorilla glue, I secured it inside of the washer and then the washer onto the pole. Then put clear silicone inside of the hole to seal it from water.

Starting to look like what I have pictured in my head. After this, I glued each light to the holder(forgot to get picture after this)

Hubby helped dig a hole

Filled the hole with Quickrete about 3/4 full, set in a rebar for strength and stability...

Slid the post over the rebar, then added water

Hubby put dirt back in hole, and we left for a Labor Day date :-)

That night, I tried to take pictures. Although the lights are not bright, it is enough to see and guide to our home

 Hubby left to visit a friend for a bit, and when he arrived home, he said the light was bright enough to be able to point out "This is OUR house!" YAH! Project complete!
Candle holder - $1.50
PVC - Free
Washer - Free
Gorrilla Glue - $4
Spray paint - Free (from previous project)
Lights - $5
Silicone - $3
Quickrete - $3
Rebar $3
Project Total: $19.50
Hubby's help - PRICELESS!