Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Crowned Dream

My plans for the bedroom is to create a "Royal" theme. After all, we are a Prince and Princess of Christ, right? I took out all the animal/ African decor and placed in the living room.

While at the fair this past fall, I fell Head-Over-Heels IN LOVE with this gorgeous piece of art! Isnt it ROYAL to the MAX? But so was the price tag. I dont remember if it was $1700 or $7100, but either felt the same to my skinny little pocket book. But I took a picture and had dreams about maybe making something like it someday.

So now I am on the hunt for Royal decor for my room. I actually found a beatiful Burgandy and Gold heavy comforter at a yard sale for $2!!! Yes, you saw that right... TWO DOLLARS!! I was worried it may have some pet smell or something else wrong with it. I went home and put it on the bed, and waited for my hubby's reaction. He loved it. Then when we crawled under it, the weight on us was HEAVENLY! It was a keeper!

Now to my most recent MIRACLE!! I went to Kirklands to explore and drool. Maybe they MIGHT have some royal decor? I walked the whole store and nothing. I was about ready to give up and leave, and decided to ask a clerk. I couldnt find anyone on the floor, so I asked at the counter if there was a clerk on the floor. The lines were Christmas-Crazy long, and the harried clerk said she would close her line and come help me. "Oh no, I dont want you to do that", I told her. So she asked me breathlessly, "What is it you are looking for?" I told her quickly, "Just anything that looks royal, like a crown or something". As I watched in amazement, she reached behind the counter and handed me a CROWN!!! You've got to be kidding me? I got so giddy, I could have kissed her. I admit, a tear escaped my eye. She had given me the exact pointy crown on the left side of my dream picture. I asked if she had the other crown, and she told me they had sold out, but called around for me. She said they had sold like hotcakes in California.

So I went home and early the next morning, started calling other states. I found a ton of them in Phoenix, AZ, but they wouldnt ship. I was about ready to drive there and get it (Yes, for a $9.99 item, I was desperate!). The last store I called checked their distribution center and said more were being sent out to the stores and if I called my local store, I may find them restocked. I did this, and sure enough, a store close to me had just received 19!!! Oh, talk about giddyness knowing no bounds. I invited hubby to go on a dinner date and we would "happen" to swing by and pick up my crown. He was very agreeable after his 12 wings and a big glass of beer. So agreeable, he browsed the store with me, and helped me find a cross to put between the crowns. So here is my miracle find:
Oh, and the frugal excitment of it all? When I purchased the first one, it was $9.99. Within 5 minutes of walking out of the store, I received an email for 15% off my entire next purchase. When I went back to the other store to pick up the other crown and cross, they honored the coupon for the previous purchase too.
So I actually got all three of these for $32.00.

A friend has given me a BEAUTIFUL guilded frame that she never used. It is the size of a door, I am not kidding. Wait until you see this frame. I am going to spray paint it gold and do some rub-n-buff and see what happens.

Stay tuned for the final reveal.

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