Saturday, October 2, 2010


I have to share the funny story first. One day while driving along the freeway, I spot a beautiful wicker patio chair off to the side. Look like it had fallen off a vehicle. So I shout to my Dear Hubby (DH) "DID YOU SEE THAT!". "What?" (as he hits his brakes due to my shouting, scaring him, and almost starting another conversation about my "reactions" when he drives... but that is a different story). I tell him to get off the freeway, and then start sharing what I just saw. He thinks I am joking, as I continue to shout..."GET OFF THE FREEWAY". So, being a DH, he listens and exits the freeway and we drive back along the surface road that we had just passed. As we pass the chair, I point it out. He says "Are you kidding?!" "NO, lets check it out". He laughes, but again, follows my suggestion. We re-enter the freeway, then pull off to the side. He safely exits the vehicle and brings the chair to my side for my inspection. It looks brand new, of course with a little road rash and some mis-alignment, probably due to the fall off the truck. I see her beauty! (Are you surprised?!) "Put it in the back. I just know you can re-align it somehow. It's free, how can we pass it up". My DH is shocked. "Your kidding, right?" "Nope, put it in the back." So he does. Then the rest of the drive looked for some road kill for me to dine on. Our "FREEWAY FIND" has sat on the front porch for the past 3 years now, and no, it was never fixed enough to sit straight (darn strong wrought iron- I say!), but it works well to sit on and rock and read the mail or just enjoy the warmth of the sun, on a chilly day. Even DH sits on it to take off his dirty boots and (no laughing here...) to clip his toe nails.
Since then, it has been a running joke, if I see something along the freeway, or hear about something stopping traffic on the news, I will call DH and tell him he must go pick it up. That just gets me laughter of course.

Well, I have trained him well. Today I get a passionate call from him. "Hey, I am at this job, and the neighbors have some FREE wicker on their driveway"
ME: "Free? Really? What color and shape?"
DH: "Yes, totally FREE! Giving it away! Painted brown, good shape, for the yard"
ME: "Load it up!"

So here is our next great find:

It was white and someone painted it brown. Needs a little TLC, and some nice pretty cushions, but looks like it will work well in that OUTSIDE ROOM, I am begging DH for! Next step, start thinking of making some pretty cushions for it.
Welcome to your new home ladies!

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