Saturday, June 28, 2014

File Cabinet Redo

I inherited my mother-in-love's older mdf-laminated file cabinets. They did the job for over 6 years, but I started seeing some cool idea's about making up a metal cabinet, nice and pretty. Just as I started to watch for a deal on a used cabinet, a friend told me she had one that I could have for FREE!! FREE? That is talking my language! So I grabbed it, then sat with it for over a month, feeling intimidated to start.

When my husband gently reminded me that it did not match our patio furniture (where it was stored) I felt the push to finally get going on the project. 

Here are my lazy steps:
1. Take off all the hardware (Mine were pretty easy)
2. Take out drawers and set aside.
3. Using 220 grit sandpaper, I sanded the sides and top lightly. Then cleaned it off real good.

 4. Spray paint with your color of choice. (There were many suggestions on this, from Primering, to what type of paint to use. I just used Rust-Oleum Semi-Gloss Ultra Cover 2x from Walmart, for less than $4) It took 1 1/2 cans to paint the entire shell. Looked great.   
 5. Spray paint the hardware. In the past, I have screwed the hardware to a styrofoam plate, and them sprayed it... that way I can pick up the plate and turn it as I spray. This time, my hubby had some recycle metal in the yard, so I screwed to that, and sprayed away. No harm to junk :-)

 5. I cheated a bit on the drawers. When I first saw all the Pinterest Ideas, I wanted to use up my pretty scrapbook paper. Unfortunatly, my drawers were 13 x 11 1/2. UGH. Too big for 12x12 paper. Lucky for me, I work in a print department, and my super cool boss let me use our stock of 12 x 18 full sheet labels. Now my choice of design was unlimited, as I was able to print whatever I wanted. So I just cut the label down (after it was printed), then pulled the backing off, and applied it directly to the drawer, wrapping the little overage around the edges. (Other posts suggested scrapbook paper, contact paper, wall paper, or a different paint design- the sky is the limit!) 
6. Put hardware back on. The holes were pretty small, so I was able to just push the hardware screws back in to the paper. When needed I used an exacto knife to cut into the slot. 

 7. Stand back and admire your creation! So pretty. I was anxous to get it into my office and transfer all my files.
I had a step 8--- Sell the old cabinet. And yes, I made a little money. Makes this Frugal Gal happy!!

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